Pakistani Actress Age | Real Age of Pakistani Actresses


Pakistani Actress Age, Sanam Saeed Age

Pakistani Actress Age | Real Age of Actresses in Pakistan

Pakistani actress age, Mehwish Hayat age, Nida Yasir age, Sanam Saeed age: All the actresses belonging to the Pakistani showbiz industry seem to be much younger than their age.

It is difficult to believe after hearing the real age of some actresses that they are really that old.

The biggest reason for being young is that actresses take care of their fitness.

Almost all actresses take care of their diet and X-ray size.

Today we are going to tell you the real age of  Actresses in Pakistan which it will be difficult for you to believe knowing.

shaista lodhi copy 2

Shaista Lodhi age:

Who doesn’t know Dr. Shaista Lodhi, the host, and actress of the Pakistani Morning Show? She hosted the Morning Show for many years and was the audience’s favorite host.

Shaista Lodhi was born on November 26, 1977, in Karachi and now Shaista Lodhi Age is 42 years.

Shaista has her own skincare clinic, where she treats her patients.

nida yasir age

Nida Yasir age:

Nida was born on October 12, 1973, in Karachi and is now Nida Yasir age is 46 years, she looks much younger than her age.

samina pirzada copy

Samina Peerzada age:

Peerzada is a legendary actress in the Pakistani drama and film industry.

She has given many famous plays and films to Pakistan.

Samina Peerzada was born on April 9, 1955, in Lahore, Pakistan and now Samina Peerzada age is 65 years.

mehwish hayat age

Mehwish Hayat age:

You will surely be amazed to know the age of the famous actress Mehwish Hayat.

Mehwish Hayat was born on January 6, 1983, in Karachi while Mehwish Hayat Age is 37 years.

Fans used to think that Mehwish was only 30 years old, but now this misunderstanding must have disappeared.

Sanam Saeed Age

Sanam Saeed age:

Another well-known and capable actress and singer Sanam Saeed was born in London on February 2, 1985, Sanam Saeed age is 35 years.


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