What is lockdown and how can you cope with this situation?



What is lockdown and how can you cope with this situation?

The Corona virus has become a pandemic in the world, with China being the source of the disease – but now that the Corona virus is spreading worldwide, China has largely overcome the outbreak. And there are no new patients coming out of the disease and the most important of the measures that China used for this was the lock down – in which they locked down the affected area for fourteen days. The advantage of this is that the virus is restricted.

What is Lockdown?

Lock down means that in the light of government orders, people should not restrict their transportation to any kind of government and business establishments, but on this occasion, hospitals, medical stores and grocery stores can be opened for a limited period.

Due to the increasing number of Corona victims in Pakistan and especially in Sindh due to the increasing number of patients, the Sindh government has also announced a partial lockdown to control the situation – what should the public do in such a situation. If you can avoid the problem, here are some important things to say.

1: Food commodities

Since it is clearly announced by the government that grocery stores and utility stores will remain open even during lockdown, there is no need to store too much food in that regard – but still dry. Items such as flour, rice pulses, etc., like oil, tea leaf sugar, etc. should be kept in the house at a time when needed so that you do not have to worry about transportation.
In addition, since transportation is limited, it is advisable to preserve essential vegetables that do not spoil the skin, such as garlic, onion, potatoes, etc., so it is feared that the delivery of vegetables is affected. This way, tomato paste can be stored for longer and peas can also be frozen.

2: medicine

There are some diseases whose persistent use of medicines is essential to human health – in which case it is necessary to store these medicines at least weekly for at least 15 days – as well as for common ailments. Must also be in the house First Aid equipment must be kept at home.

3: Other Household Items

Since this lock-down is believed to be caused by a virus, the first thing you need to do to protect yourself from this disease is to wash your hands with repeated soap that can protect you from this dangerous virus. Apart from this, other household necessities, including surfing, etc. should be stored at home.

4: How to spend time in lockdown

Lock downs are, in fact, no ordinary holidays, so don’t plan it for holidays like this, neither do family gatherings nor get together with more people. Limit yourself to the people in your home during this period of lock down. Your recklessness can endanger the lives of you and other people in your household.
In the meantime, organize workouts to keep yourself fit and set your all-day timetable to not let yourself be intimidated and exercise indoors – and healthy activities for your family and yourself. Plan so that not only you but your family can have a good time.


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