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Waqar Zaka
Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka is social worker, TV Show host, social media star, engineering graduate and if waqar zaka succeeds in his latest news, the brain behind pakistan’s 1st cryptocurrency.

Waqar Zaka is launching an ambitious movement called (Tehreek-i-Tech) to pay Pakistan’s debts, since i am an engineering graduate from NED University, I have come to realize it technology is the only way to pay back the debts of Pakistan, Zaka said while on Pakistan‘s a TV Channels morning show.

The movement has 3 aims, the first being to launch Pakistan’s 1st cryptocurrency.

If Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan launches Pakistan’s own 1st cryptocurrency, our country will be able to get foreign investment from around the world to pay our debts, Waqar Zaka said.

Waqar Zaka added that for the movement, he has a team from NED, NUST and other universities who will launch the cryptocurrency free of cost with zero investment.

The 2nd aim of Waqar Zaka’s Tehreek-i-Tech movement is a little more ambiguous, he wants to revolutionize madrassas in Pakistan.

The schools’ mafia in the Pakistan only teaches the conventional ways of income to the youth. My agenda is to target the madrassas and revolutionize them with technological and science education, Waqar Zaka said.

Waqar said he will appeal to religious leaders to (pass a fatwa) making technology and science education compulsory at all madrassas. To bring foreign exchange into the country we need to excel in IT and technological education should be made as important as zakat, Waqar  said. To educate students we will have Skype sessions with madrassa students.

The 3rd aim of the movement is to fix Pakistan Space Program.

Waqar said his source of inspiration was his trips to Burma and Syria. As a reporter and a journalist my job is not only to record issue but also to help people leave there, from this I got the inspiration to help my own country.

Waqar bets his movement can collect $4 billion rupees in six months. If it fails to do so I will never come on any television screens show again in the future.


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