Visa Free Countries For Pakistan 2021


Visa Free Countries For Pakistan 2021

Visa Free Countries For Pakistan 2021, Iran Visa For Pakistan, Sri Lanka visa For Pakistan, Macau Visa For Pakistan, Nepal Visa for Pakistan: Apart from being the most populous continent in the world, Asia is also home to many beautiful and attractive countries of the world.

Interestingly, if you live in Pakistan, you can travel to some of the most beautiful countries in Asia without a visa.

Yes, Pakistani people do not need to get a visa in advance to enter some beautiful Asian countries because of entering these countries.

Pakistani people are immediately issued a visa by the immigration authorities of the country concerned.

Iran visa for Pakistan

Iran visa for Pakistan

Country Iran is known around the world for its natural beauty and historical sites.

Country Iran is one of the best tourist destinations in the world there are ruins of many ancient cities.

There are also many luxury ski resorts.

Cultural sites, and local markets in the country that are worth seeing.

Here you can also see the magnificent view of the Dead Sea.

Pakistanis do not need to obtain a visa in advance to visit Iran.

Iran issued a 15-day visa upon arrival in Iran.

Sari Lanka visa for Pakistan

Sri Lanka Visa for Pakistan

Sri Lanka is a small island nation in the Indian Ocean the beautiful country Sri Lanka is known for its charming rainforests.

And thriving wildlife, attractive beaches, and ancient ruins in Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka many places to visit such as Jaffna.

Sri Lanka where the food is delicious, the people are interesting and the culture is amazing.

Also, the Colombo city of Sri Lanka which is also called the city of beaches

You can see many beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka.

There is much more to Sri Lanka.

You do not need a visa in advance to visit this country.

But when you arrive in Sri Lanka, you are issued a 30-day visa by the authorities.

Macau visa for pakistan

Macau Visa for Pakistan

Macau is a peninsular country located on a large continent of China.

The beautiful country Macau is known for its impressive skyscrapers.

Friendly peoples, and historical ruins.

The ruins of St. Paul’s in Macau are extremely popular with tourists.

Pakistanis do not need a pre entry visa to enter Macau and are issued a 30 day visa by immigration officials upon arrival.


Timor-Leste Visa for Pakistan

Timor-Leste is a country on a magnificent island and here you can see countless beautiful landscapes.

The clear waters and attractive beaches of this country’s seas are sure to attract tourists.

In Timor-Leste also many lush mountains and rugged cliffs that give visitors a pleasant feeling.

The Pakistani people do not even need to get a visa in advance to travel to this country and on arrival.

Timor-Leste issued a 30-day visa by the immigration authorities.

Nepal Visa for Pakistan

Nepal Visa for Pakistan

Nepal considered being one of the best destinations for tourism.

Here you can enjoy a variety of sporting activities as well as a variety of beautiful scenery.

This whole country owns an interesting and attractive land.

Pakistani people do not even need to get a visa in advance to go to Nepal.

Nepal issued  3 month visa on arrival in Nepal.


Maldives Visa for Pakistan

The Maldives is one of the most popular tourist destinations and every tourist wants to visit it once and for all and why not?

Because the beaches here are beautiful, attractive and clean and transparent, but also a cheap country.

This country can be a great choice in terms of tourism.

Immigration officials issue a 30-day visa after the Pakistani people enter the Maldives to visit this beautiful country.