UN confirms Turkey’s name change, what’s the new name?


UN confirms Turkey's name change

The United Nations has approved the renaming of Turkey.

A UN spokesman said a letter from Turkish Foreign Minister Cevdet Yılmaz had been handed over to the Secretary-General on June 1.

The letter requested that the Turkish name be used instead of Turkey for all matters by the international body.

The spokesman said that the change of name of the country was confirmed with this letter.
The Turkish Foreign Minister announced on May 31 that the letter would be submitted to the United Nations and other international organizations.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced in December 2021 that Turkey would be renamed Turkia.

On this occasion, he said that the word Turkey better represents and reflects our culture, civilization, and values.

Even in Turkish, Turkey is called Turkia.

According to the Turkish News Agency, a turkey search on Google reveals images of the country, as well as a North American bird, the turkey, which is eaten at festivals such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Similarly, in the Cambridge Dictionary, turkey means a failed or foolish person.

With this in mind, the name of the country is being changed to Turkey.

Keep in mind that changing the names of countries is not uncommon.

The Netherlands recently stopped using the Dutch name, while Macedonia changed its name to Northern Macedonia.

Persia was renamed Iran in 1935, Siam is now called Thailand, and Rhodesia is now called Zimbabwe.