Top 5 Insurance Companies in Pakistan


List of Top 5 Insurance Companies in Pakistan

1. Jubilee Insurance

Jubilee General Insurance Company is on 5th position In Top 5 Insurance Companies in Pakistan List. Jubilee General Insurance Company runs on integrity, certainty, and teamwork, since its inception, it has launched new initiatives and strives to innovate the products it offers. The Head office is in Karachi, Sindh, coupled with a dynamic network of branches in all Biggest cities of Pakistan.

2. Adamjee Insurance

Adamjee Insurance company has proved itself to be one of the leading insurance companies of Pakistan since 1960s. It now also has a regional presence in the (Dubai) United Arab Emirates. Adamjee Insurance is dedicated to its corporate philosophy of developing services and products in ways that most suit their clients and provide high levels of satisfaction, and that is best insurance company of pakistan.

3. EFU General Insurance

EFU General Insurance company was founded in year 1932 and entered the Pakistan market in year 1947, with a Karachi based main office. It quickly became an advanced insurance company that set high standards for competitors not only in the region but also in Afro-Asian countries. The EFU General Insurance company’s most appreciated asset is the fact that they work individually with every client to make sure every policy is a unique fit to client expectations, and that company is one of the best insurance companies in pakistan.

4. TPL Direct Insurance

TPL Direct Insurance Company was incorporated in year 1992 and is a subsidiary of Green Oaks Global Holdings Limited. The company’s vision is to evolve by using the best combination of technology and human resource capital. This could help them become the most dominant insurance company in Pakistan. Likewise, the company’s financial reports back this vision showing evident growth and progress, and that insurance company is the best insurance company of pakistan.

5. United Insurance

United Insurance Company has a rich history, starting from year 1959. With several transformations along the way, the United Insurance company now operates all over Pakistan, with more than 100 branches in pakistan. They offer many insurance products and do business in group health insurance, travel insurance, travel bonds & guarantees, livestock and crop insurance. The United Insurance is one of the Best Insurance Companies in Pakistan.

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