Top 5 Expensive Animal in the World


Top 5 Expensive Animal in the World

Green Monkey Horse, De Brazza s Monkey, Savannah Cat, The White Lion Cubs Top 5 Expensive Animal in the World: Our land is full of thousands of kinds of animals – some of them are good, some are bad and some are beautiful.

But it is also true that not all beautiful-looking animals are innocent, but some are extremely dangerous.

However, here we are going to mention the animals that have the honor of being the most expensive animals in the world.

Green Monkey Horse,Savannah Cat,

Green Monkey Horse

Don’t get confused by the name. This horse doesn’t belong to any kind of monkey.
But the fact is that this is the most expensive type of horse.

The buyer of these horses is considered to be the richest man.
In fact, they are extremely rare horses and because of their beauty and speed, they are very valuable.

These horses are usually bought for racing the most expensive horse is worth 16 million.

De Brazza’s Monkey, Green Monkey Horse, The White Lion Cubs

De Brazza’s Monkey

These precious monkeys are also known as swamp monkeys because they are found in the swamps of  Central Africa.

De Brazza s Monkey: They possess such an amazing ability to blink that it is extremely difficult to find them.
They can live up to 22 years and cost between 7,000 to 10,000 Dollars.

Savannah Cat De Brazza s Monkey

Savannah Cat

If you want to keep both a dog and a cat in the house as a pet, then, of course, you can keep only one of them in the house because of their different nature.

But this expensive cat can fulfill your dream because it is not afraid of dogs.

Although the price of this beautiful cat is 25 thousand dollars, which is a huge amount, the hobby is not worth anything.

The White Lion Cubs

The White Lion Cubs

These white lion cubs belong to a very rare species of lion.
They are rarely seen in the forests of South Africa – an estimated 300 such lions are currently found on Earth.

That is why the price of lion cubs is so high these babies sell for 38 138,000.

Stag Beetle,

Stag Beetle

It is one of the smallest creatures on earth, but its value is enormous.
It is one of the strangest and rarest species of insects.

Its shape is very unique and terrifying. This insect costs 89 thousand dollars.