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Top 5 Bravest Doctors in World who sacrificed their lives in the front lines against the Coronavirus.

The principle of war is that it puts the bravest and brave men in the front ranks so that they can disperse the enemy with their courage and courage.

The whole world is in a state of war right now and they are all confronted by an enemy called the Corona Virus, whose weapon of destruction has not yet been discovered.

Doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are being used instead of soldiers, and doctors around the world are seeing the message now that we are out of the house so you can stay safe – so you can stay in your homes. Relax In this battle, many doctors around the world have achieved the status of a hero by sacrificing their lives. Tell us about Gentiles Profile

1: Dr. Li Wenliang (China)

dr. Li Wenliang china

Li Wenliang, who was relieving his duties as a director at Wuhan’s hospital in China, is one of the people in the world who first launched his war against the Coronavirus.

Started when doctors had no fully clothed clothes or masks – which is why Dr. Li Wenliang became a patient while treating patients with this disease and despite all efforts. Corona presents a 51-year-old fight with the virus.

2: Dr. Marcello Natali (Italy)

Dr. Marcello Natali italy

Italy has suffered the most damage in the Coronavirus war, where the number of casualties has increased beyond China and is witnessing an increase on a daily basis – Dr. Marcello Natali is responsible for Italy’s worst-case scenario.

Declared both the government and the people there. In his interview with a newspaper before his death, he said that we could not make any preparations for the disaster.

We lack mask, lack of medical equipment and awareness – as the head of a regional doctors’ organization. He worked day and night to improve the patients of the Coronavirus – even himself suffering from double pneumonia and died at the age of 57 – in Corona.

3: Dr. Shirin Rouhani (Iran)

Dr. Shirin Rouhani iran

Dr. Shirin Rouhani, who was performing her duties at Iran’s Shahadah Hospital – stayed with her for treatment day and night due to a lack of doctors and other medical facilities – even in the case of Corona herself.

She suffered but did not give up and a photo of him went viral on social media with her own hand drips – yet she is doing her job instead of resting and in the same situation. She surrendered her life to the Creator.

People around the world paid tribute to her for her services.

4: Dr. Jean-Jacques (France)

Dr. Jean-Jacques france

Jean-Jacques, who was 68 years of age and was a doctor by profession, had retired – but when he discovered the spread of the Coronavirus in France, he presented himself as a carnivore and a Corona.

He began to spend day and night in the hospital for treatment of the Covid-19 patients – resulting in himself suffering from coronation and sacrificing his life for the people of his nation.

5: Dr. Osama (Pakistan)

Dr. Osama pakistan

What could be more proof of Dr. Osama’s bravery in the Coronavirus war than that his service was acknowledged by the Deputy Foreign Minister – Dr. Osama was from Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan and he was on the FCPS He was also a second-year student – when the visitors from Tuftaan were brought to Quarantina in Gilgit-Baltistan, the responsibility of treating them also fell on the shoulders of Dr. Osama, who, with the help of his colleagues, played very honestly.

Even in his last video message he said that he was suffering from a chronic illness like Crohn’s. There is a very painful disease.

Instead of storing food in your home right now, try to stay safe from the disease. He was buried with full military honors.


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