Strongest Nuclear Power Countries 2021


Strongest Nuclear Power Countries 2021

How many countries use nuclear power?

Lots of countries have Nuclear Power Weapons, but here is the list of the strongest nuclear power countries in 2021. 

10. Iran

9. North Korea

8. Israel

7. India

6. United Kingdom

5. China

4. France

3. Pakistan

2. United States of America

  1. Russia

10. IRANTop 10 Strongest Nuclear Power Countries 2020

Strongest Nuclear Power Countries: IRAN, the second Muslim country is suspected to be a Nuclear-armed country because the number of Nuclear Warheads it has is Nuclear.

IRAN is on the 10th Position in Top 10 Strongest Nuclear Power Countries 2021 List.

So they have signed an agreement with the united states of America for Nuclear destruction.


North Korea

North Korea took the Ninth position in Biggest and Most Powerful Nuclear Warheads countries list.

Korea works very hard on increasing the number of nuclear warheads for the last few years.

During the last two years, North Korea worked very hard on the ballistic missiles and also increased the number of its nuclear warheads.



The Relationship with America made Israel a Powerful country with more number of nuclear warheads.

Current stockpile (estimated 80 warheads)



India has more than 100-110 warheads. The Indian Scientists work hard on making the nuclear warheads and also conduct experiment every now and then, but fail to get success out of it.

However, in recent times, India has purchased nuclear warheads from Russia.


United Kingdom

This country was made its entry in the World of Nuclear Warheads in 1956 by opening a nuclear power station.

The number of total missiles the United Kingdom has 225 Warheads.



Known as the emerging superpower. China has 250 nuclear warheads and Ranked at Fifth number.

China has gained success in almost every walk of life, despite the largest populated country in the world.

Moreover, China has also restricted to a ‘no first use’ policy that means they can use the only attack countries with these warheads if any enemy attacks these nuclear missiles.



France with a total of 300 nuclear warheads.

Moreover, France conducted its last nuclear test in 1996 before joining the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty (CTBT).



Pakistan is the first Muslim country to have its name on this powerful list.

always gave its full support to the Muslim countries around the World, but it has brought the world to its knees in 1998 by launching the first Nuclear test.

But always remains a great threat to India. This country has nearly Nuclear Warheads 130-150 missiles, still, it tries to more improve the defense.

Pakistan is well on its way to the world’s third-largest nuclear weapons stockpile and its decision to deploy low yield (5 to 10 kiloton) battlefield weapons, represents a dangerous new strategy that could have a telling impact on South Asia’s future stability, claims a military history and world affairs, expert. 

Micallef says, ‘Pakistan’s past ties to militant jihadist groups like Afghan Taliban, Tehreek e Jihad Islami, Jaish e Muhammad, Lashkar e Taiba or Hizbul Mujahideen, to name a few, and the emergence of al Qaida affiliated Ansar Ghawzat ul Hind, have added an additional element of conflict into Indian Pakistani relations.

Micallef says, cites various intelligence sources to say that Pakistan currently has between 140 and 150 nuclear weapons in its control.

But has, it is believed, produced and stockpiled around 3,000 to 4,000 kilograms (6,600-8,800 lbs) of weapons-grade HEU and about 200-300 kilograms (440-660 lbs) of plutonium.

Pakistan is in the Third Position in this List.


Top 10 Strongest Nuclear Power Countries

With a Total of 7200-770 nuclear missiles, according to the study, it has a more organized army with the best nuclear warheads.

The United States of America has more number of SLBMs and ICBMs as compared to other countries including Russia.


Top 10 Strongest Nuclear Power Countries

At No.1, there is Russia with approximately 8500 nuclear missiles.

It is famous for the best quality nuclear warheads and the largest country with respect to the area.

There is no doubt in the quantity and quality of warheads. Russia is the largest producer of warheads which made the country the number one superpower of the world.

Most Strongest Nuclear Power Countries 2019

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Strongest Nuclear Power Countries



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