The Car Turned Into a Helicopter | Technology News


The Car Turned Into a Helicopter

The Car Turned Into a Helicopter | Technology News

It is said that need is the mother of invention. In India too, a man did the same thing. To meet his need, he converted a car into a helicopter and rented it out at weddings.

It is the wedding season in India and many brides and grooms who can’t afford an expensive helicopter and want a great entry at their wedding are happy to book this helicopter.

Guddu Sharma, a resident of Bihar, converted a vehicle into a helicopter at a cost of Rs 2 lakh.

Guddu said that he has seen a lot of demand for helicopters during weddings but people can’t fulfill their desire due to high money so he saw all this and changed his vehicle into a helicopter which he rented. Takes Rs 15,000.

“I have fulfilled my childhood dream of designing a car into a heli and it took me seven months to complete the project,” said Guddu Sharma, a carpenter who turned the car into a helicopter.