Sindhi Actors Who Working In Urdu Dramas


Sindhi Actors Who Working In Urdu Dramas

Every language of Pakistan is beautiful and has a different color but Sindhi is a language that is easy to understand and also quite sweet.

Many actors of this language are making a name in the Urdu drama industry and showbiz industry and are very successful.

1. Sanam Baloch


When the beautiful actress Sanam Baloch works in Urdu drama or even hosts a morning show, no one can even think that this girl’s real language is Sindhi.

But Sanam Baloch loves her language so much that whenever a Sindhi person comes to visit her, she immediately starts talking to him in the same language and the limit is that if she loves any child, then love.

I pick all the words from the Sindhi language

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2. Atiqa Odho

atiqa odho

Atiqa Odho, who still dominates Pakistani dramas, also has a Sindhi language background, but she worked for Urdu dramas and no one can tell from her actions that her original language is Sindhi.

And they present scripts in the best way that people don’t even realize

3. Fahad Mustafa

fahad mustafa

Who doesn’t know that this most successful host and actor is the beacon of the Sindhi family but his style is amazing

Speaking of Urdu, no one understands that Sindhi is also spoken in Fahad Mustafa’s house.

They often speak the same language to their close friends and are proud that their language is Sindhi.

4. Uroosa Qureshi

uroosa qureshi

Uroosa Qureshi worked in Sindhi dramas for a while and now before Bilal Qureshi came into her life, she was also required for Urdu dramas.

She was married to a Punjabi boy Bilal and now it is a great combination.

Sindhi Actors Who Working In Urdu Dramas


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