Salman Ahmed, who sings ‘Hai Jazba Junoon’, is also a victim of Coronavirus


Singer Salman Ahmad

Salman Ahmed, who sings ‘Hai Jazba Junoon’, is also a victim of Coronavirus.

Salman Ahmed, a leading Pakistani singer and former lead guitarist of the music band ‘Junoon’, has suspected that he was infected with the Coronavirus.

On Friday evening, he said in another Twitter message, ‘Friends! The first bad news: According to Dr. Abelli, I suffer from COVID-19. I’ll test soon. ‘

Earlier in a tweet on Friday, Salman Ahmed wrote, ‘Friends! I am separating myself from my family. After experiencing symptoms such as nausea and cold, I decided to get the Coronavirus tested. ‘

He also wrote: ‘The good news is that I have mild cold symptoms, I have quarantined myself in New York, I am regularly washing my hands, taking steam and drinking hot drinks. Thank you for all your prayers. ‘

Salman Ahmed is a famous singer as well as part of a global campaign against polio. Social media users express their best wishes to Salman Ahmed.

It is to be noted that many celebrities around the world have been infected with the coronavirus, including individuals from different walks of life who have made their place in the world at the expense of their abilities.

Pakistani player Azam Khan, who won four times at the British Open Squash, died March 28 due to a coronavirus. He was 95 years old.

Salman Ahmed separates himself from his family,

On March 27, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Minister of Health also confirmed the Coronavirus.

Earlier, the Coronavirus was confirmed in Britain’s Prince Charles on March 25, while Kanika Kapoor, a famous Indian singer who sang ‘Baby Doll Song’, she also has fallen prey to Coronavirus.


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