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Pakistani Actresses Whose Engagements Were Broken

Pakistani Actresses Whose Engagements Were Broken

Pakistani Actresses Whose Engagements Were Broken: They say no one can change destiny.

For those who have lost something in their life, He gives them more than ever.

This is the destiny that has been written and some people’s lives have been turned upside down because of this destiny.

There are many actresses in the industry whose first engagement took place somewhere but the fate of marriage was not written there.

So the marriage took place elsewhere.

No.1 Hira Mani

Pakistani Actresses Whose Engagements Were Broken

Hira Mani is considered to be the most important part of Hira Mani’s life today and the two of them saw many ups and downs of their lives together.

But their marriage was not easy.

An only girl who was already engaged and her father never marries his only daughter to an actor.

But it was Hira’s destiny in which his marriage was written with Hira Mani and his life’s destiny was written in a similar way.

He fell in love with Mani and ended his first engagement.

So that Hira Mani can be included in their life and today they are a part of their life.

No.2 Javeria Saud

Pakistani Actresses Whose Engagements Were Broken

Actress Javeria Saud was engaged a long time ago.

She was still working in the industry and everything was fine.

But then, due to some misunderstandings, the engagement did not last and the boy’s mother ended the relationship.

But because the fate of the jury was about to shine

So after this relationship, Sauri entered Saud’s life and the jury does not even remember this part of their life.

On the contrary, they are happy that their destiny has been so beautifully written.

No.3 Sana Khan

Pakistani Actresses Whose Engagements Were Broken

Actress Sana Khan who passed away in an accident had an engagement with Babar Khan even before her marriage.

But for some reason the engagement did not last.

After the engagement ended, Babar stepped into Sana’s life. She was also very happy with her fate.

She felt love when he got married to Babar Khan and she also compromised with this game of life and destiny.

Sana Khan had mentioned this engagement to very few close associates and then when it ended, shortly after that Babar Khan stepped into life.

Pakistani Actresses Whose Engagements Were Broken

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