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Pakistani Actresses Who Got married Outside Showbiz


Pakistani Actresses Who Got married Outside Showbiz

Pakistani Actresses Who Got married Outside Showbiz: This is often thought of in our society

That whoever steps into the showbiz then they get married there Someone in the industry is looking for a match

And parents don’t even get a chance to express their preferences.

But there are many women in the same showbiz whose life partner was chosen by their family members

And this guy has nothing to do with Showbiz

No.1  Aisha Uqbah Malik and Major Uqbah Malik

Pakistani actress Aisha Uqbah Malik was also much loved by the people and this is what was thought of her

That as beautiful and graceful as he is, the same can come in his life

Whom she has known for years and with whom she has worked.

How will showbiz leave but it all changed in a moment when Aisha got engaged to Major Uqbah.

Aisha happily accepted the marriage and said goodbye to the showbiz.

No.2  Reema Khan and S. Tariq Shahab

Not only in Pakistan but also in other countries there were a large number of people who liked and admired Reman Khan

But Reema Khan never failed in her duties.

Educated younger sisters, married them and became their father’s arm

But there came a time when my father told me that I had chosen someone for you.

They are not from showbiz and they do not live in Pakistan S.Tariq Bahane was invited to the wedding to meet and then the two got married.

Reema Khan says it was a completely orange marriage.

And it turned out to be the best decision

No.3 Sadia Imam and Adnan Haider

In the life of actress Sadia Imam, this relationship came entirely from the family and her husband did not even know.

That she works in the media Sadia Imam says that all this was so coincidental

That I didn’t even get a chance to understand anything and everything happened very simply because of my mother’s haste.

Sadia Imam liked her husband’s honesty and truthfulness very much and that is why he was also impressed by Sadia.

No.4 Anum Fayyaz and Asad Anwar

Actress Anum Fayyaz has worked in dramas as well as in the media industry and they had no idea

That his life partner will be found only by the choice of his family.

He had no such idea in his mind But it was not to be

It doesn’t matter if your partner is from Showbiz or not if he understands you then you are successful.

Pakistani Actresses Who Got married Outside Showbiz



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