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Pakistani Actresses Eager to Shop online


Pakistani Actresses Eager to Shop online

Pakistani Actresses Eager to Shop online, Sanam Jung, Javeria Saud, Yashma Gill: As the times change, people are getting tired of going to the market.

Fear of some cronies and some habits have also changed.

Ordinary people keep ordering their favorite things through online shopping, but showbiz stars have also made online shopping a part of their lives.

Sanam Jung

Sanam Jung

Morning show host and actress Sanam Jung often said in the shows that when she went shopping, she used to argue to save a lot of money, but since Karuna has been camping around, she has been looking at online shopping. ۔

Even the necessities of life, the bargain of the house, and often on the pages of clothes, there are some comments about Sanam Jang.

A few days ago, on her daughter’s birthday, she was looking for toys with a special theme and then she fulfilled her hobby online.

If a beautiful couple of goths come in front of their eyes, Sanam will immediately ask.

Tell the price and then the couple goes home.

Javeria Saud

Javeria Saud is very keen to travel and often goes out of the country.

For the past few days, Corona has been forced to slap her passion for shopping.

But the battle for online shopping is still going on, from birthday items to favorite shoes and clothes are now being ordered online.

Since Javeria has started her own boutique, she is also selling it online.

Yashma Gill

Actress Yashma Gill is so fond of make-up that if a lipstick or foundation advertisement passes in front of her eyes by mistake, she leaves all work and starts looking for it.

Lives in bags and waits for the house bell to ring for online orders.

She knows exactly where to order from and she loves her habit.

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