Pakistani Actresses and Actors Love and Fight


Pakistani Actresses and Actors Love and Fight

Pakistani Actresses and Actors Love and Fight: The relationship between husband and wife is like scales, sometimes the weight of one is heavy and sometimes the weight of the other.

But once the decision is made, the scales have to be balanced to stay balanced.

In this relationship, sometimes there are sweet and sour fights and sometimes there is an expression of immense love.

The colors of this relationship are innumerable.

There are many couples in the showbiz industry who fight and love is unconditional.

No.1 Yasir Nawaz and Nida Yasir

Pakistani Actresses and Actors Love and Fight

Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz have a love marriage and they are fulfilling this love very well.

The two balance each other like scales and justice prevails.

Nida Yasir often comes to the show and says that she and Yasir have a quarrel every day.

Sometimes Yasir has to give up and sometimes Nida herself gives up.

At the beginning of the marriage, there were fights in these fights, but with the passage of time, after understanding each other, the feelings of each other are also hidden in the fights.

No.2 Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan

Pakistani Actresses and Actors Love and Fight

Aiman and Muneeb also got married with love and affection
And even today that love is stronger than ever.

But where there are two vessels, there are knocks.

When Muneeb gets angry, he becomes silent, but Aiman only tells the story of her heart.

There has never been a difference in these small, loving battles, and the two have always kept the balance.

No.3 Arsalan and Fatima Effendi

arsalan and fatima effendi

Fatima Affandi and  Arsalan In the duo of Fatima Affandi and Kanwar, Fatima gives herself a lot of credit.

Most of which is their tolerance.

Fatima believes that after marriage, many of each other’s flaws are uncovered and in spite of love, these words become the cause of fights.

Fatima and Kanwar still have frequent fights and bad moods, but after a while they become close friends.

Pakistani Actresses and Actors Love and Fight


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