Pakistani Actresses About Their Item Song


Pakistani Actresses About Their Item Song

Pakistani Actresses About Their Item Song: While voices for women’s rights are being raised everywhere these days, this should be the case

That the “item number” included in the films is also a kind of obscenity

Showbiz stars have mixed opinions on this.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Pakistani Actresses About Their Item Song

Hamza Ali Abbasi has always criticized item numbers and thinks it is just an attempt to create distortion.

In society because our films are the best without it

And they don’t need it. He praised the item number of Jale Sarhadi that he did the item number without wearing any clothes.

Jale was not happy about this compliment, but she was angry that I should not be made an example for my opinion.

Hira Mani

Pakistani Actresses About Their Item Song

When Hira Mani was asked whether the film should have item numbers or not, she made a very political statement.

She believes that even if there is no item number, it will work, but even if there is, there is no problem.

Because it is a source of entertainment, even if it is included in the film, there is no problem.

Yes, but she did not give a straight answer to the question of whether she would do it herself.

Ushna Shah

Pakistani Actresses About Their Item Song

Ushna Shah made it clear that I will not do the item number which is to be done.

But he had a song pictured in the movie Punjab Nahi Jaungi

It cannot be called a pure item number.

But because Ushna speaks quite openly, her voice is also very important

Kubra Khan

Pakistani Actresses About Their Item Song

Actress Kubra Khan did item number for movie superstar which she doesn’t want to call item number later.

And they think that the spoken words of the song make it an item number.

When he said that, people then made a lot of jokes about including both I’tikaf and item number in their lives.

On which Kubra also uttered a lot of shouts to these people through her social media.

Fahad Mustafa

fahad mustafa

Fahad Mustafa is a big supporter of including item numbers in movies and he believes

He who does not like it should not do so but he cannot express his opinion to us.

It’s a source of entertainment and even if you join the film, it adds more color.

Sarah Khan

sarah khan

In an interview, actress Sarah Khan reacted strongly to the existence of item numbers.

She says that such things should not be included in the film at all

Because the purpose of the item number is to dance in a very special way by wearing very special clothes which is not acceptable.

Pakistani Actresses About Their Item Song


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