Pakistani Actors Friendship Ended on Instagram


Pakistani Actors Friendship Ended on Instagram

Friendship or love

Pakistani Actors Friendship Ended on Instagram: What is the need to involve social media in this?

But there are many couples in the showbiz industry who have always thought that there is more to friendship than friendship.

But that relationship first ends in a joke and then also gets out of Insta. Fans first get the news from Insta that now their friendship is over

1. Hania Amir and Asim Azhar

Pakistani Actors Friendship

The two best friends who were seen together all the time and their friendship was given another color

But he never confirmed it.

Whenever Asim Azhar introduced Haniya as his best friend, but social media kept an eye on him every comment, every activity.

In the meantime, it happened that Haniya told the regular people that there was no such relationship between me and Asim and then there were many memes about Asim in which there were many jokes from breaking the heart to revealing the truth.

But then the promo of their project is also going on together and now both of them have recently followed each other from Insta ie out is this a means of gaining fame or has it really been? The friendship is over

2. Minal Khan and Manzoor Khan

When partners are out of Insta

Much has been said about Manzoor and Manal, who have been keeping each other together since Ayman’s wedding.

False news of her engagement came in many posts but Manal did not mention her friendship in any show or in any party.

Social media kept testifying about it and then one day it was also testified that out of Insta

3. Alizeh Shah and Naoman Sami

When partners are out of Insta

From Aliza Shah and Noman’s friendship with each other’s engagement and many other things happened and all this news was given by social media.

The two’s instant comments to each other than videos and then appearing together in every event and drama

It seemed that Aliza had a condition not to work with anyone … but then Insta said that now the two are separated.

Noman had even deactivated his account.

Pakistani Actors Friendship Ended on Instagram


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