Pakistan cannot be locked down due to corona virus: Imran Khan


Pakistan cannot be locked down due to corona virus: Imran Khan

Pakistan cannot be locked down due to corona virus: Imran Khan

We were also suggested to close the city, but in Pakistan there is no situation like Europe, there is poverty. Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses the nation.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Pakistan cannot be locked down, there is no situation like Corona in the country, as in other countries, our economic situation is such, if lockdown, our people will die of hunger. Addressing the nation directly on state TV, he took the nation into confidence in the corona virus and said, “My Pakistanis! Today I will talk about the Corona virus.

I fear that chaos is spreading across the country, first saying on January 15 that we are taking action on Corona, because the virus has spread in China. The virus is a type of flu, its characteristic spreads rapidly, the public should be satisfied that 97% of cases are cured, four hundred and fifty percent of them have to go to hospital. The dangerous thing is, it spreads fast, if 100 people have coronary, it is dangerous for 3% because they are older, or have less immune, there is no disease, after China. Corona spread to Iran, our visitors went there.

The pilgrims who are returning are deserted in Balochistan; it is a difficult task to get doctors there. “Our role to deal with the Corona virus started on January 15, started screening at the airport. Scanning 9 lakh people, the first case came on February 26,” he said.

We called a meeting of the National Security Committee last week, when it called 20 cases in Pakistan. Italy was then locked down, when it increased, as was done in Europe. We were also suggested that we close the city too, but I want to tell you that they are not the situation in Pakistan, there is poverty here, if we close the city, then the situation here is bad. On the other hand we will die of hunger, which is why we decided wisely, closed educational institutions, sealed borders.

They mobilized, funded, and charged the NDMA against Corona, saying that ventilators should be summoned if the disease spreads. Will have Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we are also studying in the UK, China and the rest of the countries, the President has gone to China, we will get help from there.

Let me tell people, keep in mind that this virus has spread, if it spreads to developed countries it will spread here too, we have formed an economic committee to deal with the virus, and we have formed a committee to deal with Corona, economically. The committee will look at Pakistan’s economy with the crash of economy in the world. The Prime Minister said that the war on the virus is not fighting the government alone, but the war will have to be fought by the nation.

The first thing is to go wherever large gatherings are happening, do not go to a gathering of 40 people; if there are more people in closed rooms, then do not go there. Similarly, shaking hands spreads the virus, shaking hands when it comes to your eyes and mouth. If the virus spreads, the hands have to be washed, keep yourself coming from overseas, be careful for at least 2 weeks; the fourth thing is that if someone gets a cold or cough, don’t go to the hospital immediately, Italy has the resources they can’t.

90% of people are cured by the same symptoms, so stay home. Use caution. Don’t worry, we as Muslims believe life is in the hands of God. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “Be careful, if you are afraid of running a camel, tie it up.” We hope Allah wins this war. I tell my doctors, paramedical staff that the whole nation is with you. And Pakistanis should fully support Pakistanis abroad. For our students who are in Wuhan, the good news is that China has overcome the virus, the virus is rampant in the world, while China is now going down. Play a role.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran khan Latest Press Conference about Coronavirus in Pakistan.


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