Michael Jackson What did to Live for 150 years?


Michael Jackson What did to Live for 150 years?

Michael Jackson What did to Live for 150 years?

Michael Jackson What did to Live for 150 years?: Death is an inescapable fact that cannot be denied.

Death is not just the name of death

Rather, it is a means of meeting one’s Creator, Malik Raziq.

Every soul has to taste death.

As Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

Then to the Glorious One Who knows.

All that is hidden and all that is manifest then she will inform.

You of what you used to do (and reward them)

(Surat al-Jumu’ah, Ruku ‘1).

Death is a fact that is often remembered.

And hopes are dashed.

It is a source of indifference to the world.

A source of encouragement to repent of one’s sins.

There is a hadith that a young man stood up.

And asked in the assembly of the Holy Prophet

Presence! Who is the wisest of the believers?

He said, “The one who remembers death.

Often and prepares for it before it comes.

Alas, today we flee death.

Because of the weakness of faith

When we see someone die, they think that the death.

Of the deceased was written, but when am I going to die?

There is a lot of time, I will prepare for death.

It is our carelessness and weakness of faith. May God grant us the ability to prepare for death before death. Amen.

A man who wanted to survive death that the world

Known as “Michael Jackson”! To survive, he hired 55 top plastic surgeons from the United States and Europe.

It wasn’t until 1987 that he’s entire appearance, skin, impressions, and movements changed.

In place of the black Michael Jackson, he, the owner of beautiful and feminine impressions with white color, came before the world.

White Michael’s debut album released his third album, Bad, in 1987. It was Michael’s first album.

The album was a success, selling over 30 million copies. After this album, he started his first solo tour. He went from country to country.

Performed music shows and made millions of dollars from these shows.

Then came the past. Michael Jackson said goodbye to his past

White Michael Jackson is separated from his family.

He changed his addresses

He also hired white parents and got rid of all his old friends.

During all these steps, where he was left alone, he was caught in the whirlpool of artificial life.

Michael Jackson also married Lisa Marie.

Presley daughter of Elvis Presley, to make.

Himself famous he also erected his largest statues in Europe.

He largely escaped his past, so it was Michael Jackson’s last hatred or desire.

He wanted to live for a hundred and fifty years.

What has Michael Jackson done to save his life from death?

The human intellect is stunned by the thought.

Michael Jackson did interesting things to live a long life, “for example, he slept in an oxygen tent at night.

He used to shake hands with people wearing.

Gloves to avoid the effects of germs, viruses and diseases.

He used to put a mask on his face before going out in public. He ate a special diet and had a permanent staff of twelve doctors.

These doctors examined every part of his body daily.

Her diet also had daily laboratory tests and her staff gave her daily exercise.

White Michael Jackson also had extra lungs, kidneys, eyes, heart and liver.

These were donors whose expenses he was bearing and these donors had to donate their organs to him when needed.

So he believed that he would live for one and a half hundred years

But then came the night of June 25.

He had difficulty breathing.

His doctors gathered senior doctors from all over the country at his residence.

“These doctors kept trying to save him from death

But when they failed, they took him.

To the hospital and the man died

He had planned for one and a half hundred years

Who did not walk barefoot on the ground

Who used to put on gloves before shaking hands with anyone.

Whose house was sprayed with disinfectants.

Daily and who had not eaten anything for 25 years

The doctors forbade him.

The man died in just 30 minutes at the age of 50.

His soul flew away from his body in the blink of an eye.

The news of Michael Jackson’s death.

Was read by eight million people on Google in ten minutes.

it was a record in the history of Google.

And because of this heavy traffic, Google’s system sat down.

And the company had to apologize to its users for 25 minutes.

An autopsy revealed that Michael Jackson.

Had become a skeleton.

He was bald

Her ribs were broken, her hips, shoulders.

Ribs and legs were covered with needles.

He needed “painkillers” because of plastic surgery.

So he had dozens of injections a day.

But these injections, these precautions.

And even these doctors could not save him from death.

And one day he quietly shifted to that world.

In which every living person has to reach.

And thus his last wish could not be fulfilled.

The death of Michael Jackson is an announcement

Man can conquer the whole world.

But he cannot defeat his destiny.

He cannot compete with death and the writer of this death

Michael Jackson What did to Live for 150 years?


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