Marvi Sarmad Biography | Lifestyle | Husband | Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar


Marvi sirmed biography lifestyle

Marvi Sarmad Biography | Lifestyle | Husband | Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

Marvi Sarmad? Which fields are associated with?
In what schools did she continue to study?
What a shameful thing was this woman doing in America?
What an embarrassing situation she caught up with her servants
And how many Pakistani scholars have been misled?
In today’s post, you will find answers to most of the questions.

Marvi Sarmad Age:

Marvi Sarmad Age, Sirmed Manzoor, Marvi Sarmad Biography: She was born on June 11, 1970, in Sialkot Pakistan.
At this time she is 50 years old.
I do not understand whose nature, training, and morals she has gone to.
Her ancestors were probably from a trusted family.
Her family was associated with the profession of farming. They all worked farming but her father, Chaudhry Anwarul Haq, was a bureaucrat.

Biography, who was known for my body my choice slogan, did not get her early education from any western society or school, but she gets her early education from Madrasatul Banat Girls High School in Lahore.
After getting her early education, she got an intermediate education from Adabistan E Sophia School Bhawalpur.
But Islamic teachings and traditions did not affect her personality in the least.

Sirmed Manzoor Husband of Marvi Sarmad:

In 1990, she finished her Pre-medical education, After, she was married to a man named Sarmad Manzoor.
This is the Man husband who is destroying this woman’s personality.
When they were married, she was only 20 years old.
There is no fault of this woman as she has forgotten her original culture after marriage.

Marvi Sarmad Career:

After getting married, she received a lot of higher education.
At first, she worked in schools as a teacher.
After a while, she started working for men’s and women’s equality organizations.
During the programs, she was honored with major positions.
Former President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari awarded her with the distinction of working on human rights.

It is incomprehensible why this woman was given the award. Marvi Sarmad Age, Sirmed Manzoor, Marvi Sarmad Biography.

Because of her reputation, people used to call her on TV channels. Where instead of talking about good manners, she started to misbehave.
Especially if a Maulana or honorable person would talk to her, she would talk to them very abusively.

About Sirmad, Pakistan Services Agencies have the impression that it is working specifically for foreign companies.

Probably for this reason unknown persons searched and entered the house of Sirmad. Her Passport, documents, mobiles, and laptops were taken away.

Marvi Sarmad Lifestyle:

Another thing about Marvi Sarmad is viral on social media that the woman was caught twice while having physical relationships with her servants.
Now afterward, Marvi Sarmad is being subjected to severe criticism on social media over a controversy with famous Pakistani author Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. Marvi Sarmad Age, Sirmed Manzoor, Marvi Sarmad Biography.

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  1. You said there is no fault of this women as she has forgotten her original culture after marriage.
    So my question is “What about all Pakistani people who forgot their original culture which is indian culture and embraced Arabi or Turkish Culture as their own ?”
    Are Pakistani muslim people not the descendants of their Hindu ancestors who were converted into Islam in different point of time in history ??
    Why there is so much denial of this fact ?


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