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Jannat Mirza Tik Tok Star Decided To Shift To japan


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Leading Pakistani tik tok star Jannat Mirza says that she is leaving Pakistan and moving to Japan.

Tik Toker Jannat Mirza, who her the highest number of 10 million (one crore) followers on Tik Tok in Pakistan, is in Japan these days and is touring Japan with her sisters.

Despite being in Japan, Jannat Mirza is not unaware of Pakistan and Pakistanis and is constantly informing people about her trip through her photos.

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Yesterday, Jannat Mirza answered people’s questions on the social media app Instagram

Meanwhile, a woman named Muskan asked him, “Are you shifting to Japan?” In response to this question, Jannat Mirza gave a short answer and said, “Yes.”

However, this short answer from Jannat upset her fans a lot and another user asked why are you shifting to Japan?

Replying to this user, Jannat Mirza said that Pakistan is very sweet and good but the mentality of the people of Pakistan is not good. Jannat Mirza did not elaborate further on his answer.

It should be noted that PTA has banned video sharing Chinese app tik tok in Pakistan for not removing immoral and inappropriate content.

Jannat Mirza her become famous through tik tok and now she has more followers on social media platforms than any other big artist who is one crore.



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