Jannat Mirza Explained The Price of Selling A Heart

Jannat Mirza Explained The Price of Selling A Heart

Janat Mirza explained the price of selling a heart

Pakistan’s number one Tik Tok star Jannat Mirza told the price of selling hearts.

Leading Tik Tok star Jannat Mirza has posted some of her photos on Instagram, a photo and video sharing app.

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Pakistan’s number one tick talk model Jannat Mirza told

As can be seen in the picture posted by Jannat Mirza

She is seen playing badminton while in one picture she is seen celebrating her victory.

Jannat posted the photos on Instagram and wrote in the caption that the heart is for sale

The price is just a smile.

Besides, She, while asking the opinion of the fans, wrote in the caption, “Badminton or tennis?

A user named Hira Sheikh, while choosing badminton, asked the tick talk star, “What do you play?”

In response to Hira Sheikh’s question, she replied, “Badminton.”

While another user, answering Jannat Mirza’s question, wrote that “cricket is the best.”

To which her said that “swimming is better than cricket”.

On the other hand, Instagram user Ronak Khan asked Tik Tak Star what do you like about cricket and swimming?

In response to an interesting question from Ronak Khan, Janat said, “Swimming.”

Remember that this post of Jannat has received more than 130,000 likes so far.

Earlier, Jannat had posted some new pictures of herself on Instagram and told her fans.

That he was afraid to be alone as a child.

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