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Indian Actress Rakhi Sawant Poses With Pakistan Flag

Indian Actress Rakhi Sawant Poses With Pakistan Flag

Indian Actress Rakhi Sawant Poses With Pakistan Flag: These photos are from the set of Rakhi Sawant’s upcoming film where the actress plays a Pakistani

Shan Ali TV News – 9th May, 2019) Bollywood drama queen Actress Rakhi Sawant was seen posing with Pakistani flag at a Movie shoot.

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Rakhi Sawant’s photos of posing with Pakistani national flag by the side of a water stream went gone viral and invited backlash from Indians.

These images are from the sets of her upcoming movie where the actress plays a Pakistani role.

Posting the images on her Instagram account, Rakhi sawant clarified, (I love my India but it’s my character in the movie dhara 370).

Rakhi Sawant has also posted an video in which Rakhi is talking about her role of an Pakistani dancer.

And how she helps Jahadi’s to escape from Pakistan taking help from her.

(Hi friends, it’s a Pakistani setup.

The movies’s name is Dhara 370, which is based on Kashmir’s pundits.

I play the role of an Pakistani Lady in the movie. You can check out my costume.

My character exposes the terrorist organisations that turn little children into jahadis,) Rakhi Sawant says.

In the one of her comments on the video clip, Rakhi sawant also praised Pakistan’s people for helping Indian and Kashmiri people.

rakhi sawant new movie

(When I signed this film that time I got to know that so many.

Pakistani people helping Indian and Kashmiri people.

thanks ? to those Pakistani people I saw the Bajrangi Bhai Jaan.

That is also truth in the Pakistan there is good people also there who help Indian Peoples,” Rakhi sawant wrote.

However, before listening to Rakhi sawant, Indian people went crazy against.

Her and condemned her posing with the green Pakistani flag.



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