Halima Sultan gave a big shock to Pakistanis


halima sultan message to pakistani people

Halima Sultan gave a big shock to Pakistanis

The Turkish drama Ertugrul has gained so much popularity in Pakistan that no other foreign drama has gained such popularity till date.

Perhaps Pakistani dramas based on Muslim culture or stories based on quarrels between mother-in-law and sister-in-law The audience was fed up, so they took the Ertugrul play by the hand and watched the entire season.

Seeing the acceptance of the Ertugrul drama, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had also approved it to be aired on national television by making it an Urdu dubbing.

Along with the role of Thi Mail, the Pakistani men also liked the role of Mail so much that the name of Halima Sultan was appearing everywhere.

Even if a small child is asked who Halima Sultan is, he will immediately call her Ertugrul. Seeing Halima Sultan so popular among the Pakistani people, the owners of Pakistani brands went to Halima and asked her to shoot their ads. Many private local and international Pakistani companies have made Halima Sultan their brand ambassador as well as cast her in advertisements.

After the agreement was reached, when it came to make-up and shoot, Halima Sultan of Ertugrul refused to work with Pakistani make-up artists and photographers, saying that she would not work with Pakistani staff.

Natasha Zubair “Halima Sultan has refused to work with our make-up artists and photographers but is still wearing our clothes and our companies have to pay her as per the agreement,” she tweeted.


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