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Google Maps Top 6 Featues that you may not know

Top 6 Features of Google Maps

Google Maps Top 6 Featues:

Google Maps Top 6 Featues that you may not know. Avoiding traffic or finding a way to get somewhere, and even if you don’t get parking at the destination, the mind becomes irritable.

Fortunately, the Google Maps app is the solution to all of these problems, providing users with a wide range of services.

Use Google Maps Offline

If you need access to Google Maps but are in or out of a place where Internet connection is not available or the quality is poor, you can download Google Maps for offline use.

To download Google Maps, open the app and click on the profile icon, a menu will appear where the Offline Maps option will be available.

Clicking on it will allow you to download the mapping area of ​​the area of ​​your choice.

Once done, you can use it whenever you want, even if you don’t have an internet connection, and yes you can download maps of many places like this.

Learn To Zoom With One Finger

This is a feature that many people are unaware of, allowing you to zoom in and out of the Google Map area with just one finger.

To do this, double-tap on the display to zoom in and place your finger on the screen, it can then be zoomed in by moving the finger.

Know the distance between 2 locations

If you want to know the distance between 2 locations immediately, open the app and pin one of the locations.

You will then be presented with the setting labeled Measure distance, by clicking on it you can select another location with the cursor on the screen.

Doing so will automatically reveal the distance between the two locations.

Better Recommendations for Restaurants

If you are looking for a place to eat, it can be very difficult to find it in the innumerable restaurants.

But Google Maps is also helpful in this regard and for this purpose open the app and click on the profile icon.

Then go to Settings option and click on Manage Your Preferences, which will be below, then click on the filters in the Dietary option and select the food of your choice and that’s it.

When you choose the food of your choice, Google will suggest restaurants accordingly.

Reminder of time

Google Maps can be a helpful reminder if you want to go somewhere at a specific time.

Once you have typed the destination on Google Maps, click on the 3 dot in the upper right corner where you can do this with the option ‘Set a Reminder to Live’.

Time travel

Google Maps desktop users mostly use Street View imagery data and can also do time travel.

That is, a specific location can be seen in different periods.

To use it, drag the tiny yellow figure to the bottom right corner and enter Street View, and the top left corner will have a black box with a drop down menu.

By clicking on it you can see what a place was like in the past.

Use Google Maps without hands

Google Maps can also be used with Google Assistant.

Almost everything can be done without hands on Maps in Android devices with just ‘Google Command’.

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