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Shan Ali TV News: 17 May, 2019 – Passions are running very high as (Game of Thrones) nears that’s final episode this week, with thousands of Lac of unhappy fans signing a online petition and an counselling service offering to help those grieving the end of the TV fantasy saga.

More Some 600,000 fans worldwide had signed an petition by Thursday criticizing Season 8 of the HBO TV series and calling for an remake.

(This series deserves a final season that makes sense,”) said Dylan D, from Texas, who launched the (Remake Game of Thrones Season 8) petition ahead of The Sunday’s series finale.

That story of warring families in a fictional kingdom of Westeros has drawn to the close with ever more bloody battles and favourite characters being killed off.

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(The season 8 was very disjointed and rushed. Characters and roles were hastily written off and plots became twisted. That was not an good close to the great series!!!,) wrote Marilyn Marnell, one of those signing the petition.

The TV show was created by David Benioff and The D.B. Weiss, who have taken that story beyond George R.R. Martin’s source material book series, (A Song of Ice and Fire.)

Despite the criticism, the eighth and final show season of the Emmy winning tv series has broken records for The HBO, which says that has so far averaged 43 million People viewers per episode in the United States of America alone – The 10 million increase over Season 7 in The Year 2017.

Among television critics, reviews have gone from 92 percent positive for the Season 8 opener on the April 14 to 47 percent favourable for an penultimate episode, (The Bells), which viral and aired on the May 12, according to review aggregator

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(The Bells) saw role and character Daenerys Targaryen descending into madness and destroying the Westerosi capital of The Kings Landing with her the dragon. More fans thought it was too sharp an departure for Daenerys, who had previously said she wanted to create the better world.

(This is definitely not how it was supposed to go. Daenerys Targaryen has gone rogue,) wrote The’s AJ Willingham.

Meanwhile, British Site is launching an (Game of Thrones) counselling service offering expert advice on how peoples can deal with the loss of the TV show, which first viral and aired in year 2011.

(The Game of Thrones’ is one of the most popular TV program Shows of our time, so I’m not Exited and surprised that fans are devastated it’s going to the end,) Kai Feller, the co-founder of, he said in a statement.

(I think there will be a fair amount of superfans out there who will need to chat with a professional when the show ends) Kai Feller Said.


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