Dust storm in Pakistan, Dust Storm kills 7 Peoples in Sindh

dust storm in pakistan
dust storm in Sindh on 14/04/2019

A dust storm along with strong breezes swept across Karachi and Hyderabad on Sunday night, causing various setbacks.While Pakistan Meteorological Department has forecast rains alongside dust-storm and rain-storm in the many city for Monday (today 15/4/2019), at-least 7 individuals died and 10 others have allegedly been seriously harmed due to terrible climate conditions in the cities of sindh.People of sindh have shared photos of the storm on Twitter.RIGHT NOW: Trees are uprooted due to severe #DustStorm in #Karachi. Stay safe everyone! pic.twitter.com/gs1gtUSbRd— Syed Raza Mehdi (@SyedRezaMehdi) April 14, 2019Update from my cafe #DustStorm pic.twitter.com/cVvEAhzQIf— Mubeen ul haq (@Mubeen_Ul_Haq) April 14, 2019My car is in a garage … you can imagine what’s going on outside #DustStorm pic.twitter.com/xjnWxzbsLW— Shehzad Roy (@ShehzadRoy) April 14, 2019Window cleaning trolley flying in air at an office in Dolmen City Mall due to #DustStorm #Karachi #khiAlerts #KarachiDustStorm @SherySyed_ pic.twitter.com/t2jVJCWqpp— Hasnain Raza (@HasnainR_) April 15, 2019Garden furniture in one of my neighbours home flew like a projectile and crashed into his vehicles windscreen break it. Please ensure there are NO free moving objects around you. #Karachi #DustStorm— Fakhr-e-Alam (@falamb3) April 14, 2019#DustStorm #Karachi #fb
Avicenna School: any updates? pic.twitter.com/8SqZ0jxwE1— RM (@RumaisaMohani) April 15, 2019 – Shan Ali TV


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