Daniel Craig makes his final outing as The James Bond


Daniel Craig makes his final outing as The James Bond

Famous Hollywood Film Star Daniel Craig, whose final outing as 007 will be unveiled on the Thursday, is the longest serving The James Bond – but perhaps not Lifetime the most enthusiastic.

Daniel Craig

The 51 year old’s fifth movie as the British super spy is due for release Coming early next year, 14 years after 2006’s The Casino Royale.

There were initially doubts about the casting of the Hollywood British actor – not least the fact he was blond.

But Daniel Craig brought both a new ruthlessness and an emotional vulnerability to the character that Peoples have warmed to and have proved the box office gold.

For an while, it seemed that 2015’s (Spectre) would be Craig’s last outing as Ian Fleming´s super cool intelligence agent.

Exhausted by an gruelling shoot, Craig said he would (rather slash my wrists) than be James Bond again.

The Hollywood actor, who has required surgery on his shoulder and knees over the few years due to injuries sustained by the doing his own stunts, later he said that he had just (needed a break).

But his comments revealed at least an ambivalence about the all consuming roles from an man who guards his privacy closely.

When Daniel Craig was first named in 2005 to succeed Pierce Brosnan as the 6th incarnation of James Bond, many questioned whether the blond haired, blue eyed, gym sculpted Daniel Craig was the right man for the job.

Even Sam Mendes, the director of The Spectre who also worked with Daniel Craig on 2002’s Film Road To Perdition, was initially sceptical.

(I thought James Bond had become the opposite of what Daniel Craig is a slightly disengaged, urbane, jokey, eyebrow raising, you know, a pastiche in one way,” he told to the BBC Media.

But the intensity Daniel Craig has brought to the part has allowed the multi million dollar franchise to be rebooted with an harder, more serious edge.

The late Roger Moore, who played James Bond 7 times between 1973 and 1985, called Daniel Craig the best James Bond ever in History.

He told to Time magazine that his performances had (guaranteed James Bond another 50 years of the life).

Despite the fame that comes with such a huge movie act role, Daniel Craig likes to keep his own private life private.

Daniel Craig Wife

Daniel Craig is married to Oscar winning Hollywood Beautiful actress Rachel Weisz, star of The Constant Gardener and The Favourite, with whom he has one daughter.

But their Marriage in 2011 was attended by just 4 guests, including his daughter from a previous wife & marriage, and her son with her ex-wife.

He Born in year 1968 in Chester, northwest England, to a pub landlord father and the art teacher mother, Craig started acting Career at an early age.

He attended the drama school in London and had a string of acting roles in television.

Art house cinema and on stage shows before breaking through in The Hollywood with Movies like 2001’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Daniel Craig has always insisted his own personality is a long way from the tuxedo wearing, Martini-drinking Bond.

In real life, Daniel Craig prefers jeans, a T-shirt and a cold beer in the pub.

After shorthly the birth of his daughter with Weisz, he was pictured carrying her in a sling on his fronted, looking tired and unshaven.

British TV Channel Program host Piers Morgan lashed out at the Photo, with the Twitter hashtag #emasculatedBond, but Craig’s comments sparked a backlash on the social media.

Between James Bond films, Daniel Craig has chosen roles far removed from the suave spy, including in a acclaimed 2013 Broadway production of Harold Pinter’s (Betrayal) with The Weisz.

(I’m not The James Bond,) Daniel Craig once told Esquire magazine. (I’m not particularly brave, I’m not particularly cool headed.)

Craig added: (The day I can run into a pub and someone goes, ‘Oh, there’s Daniel and then just leaves me alone, that’ll be great.)

Rami Malek Ready for James Bond

Rami Malek to play The Bond villain

Oscar winner Hollywood Actor Rami Malek will play the international Bond villain in the British spy franchise’s 25th movie set for release next year, the producers announced on the Thursday.

Rami Malek, 37, drew critical acclaim for his portrayal of Queen front man Freddie Mercury in last year’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

(I promise you all I will be making sure that Mr James Bond does not have an easy Role and ride of it,) Rami Malek said in an recorded announcement from the New York aired as part of an webcast about the latest new movie.

In a interview, Rami Malek promised a different type of villain Role than Jame Bond fans have come to expect.

The Movie will take (the perspective of what it means to be an villain, and perhaps flipping that on thats head in some way, shape or form,” Malek said.



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