Bajirao Mastani In Pakistan Surprised Everyone


Pakistani Bajirao Mastani Surprised Everyone

Pakistani Bajirao Mastani Surprised Everyone

Pakistani Bajirao Mastani Surprised Everyone: Some time ago, Pakistani make-up artist Shoaib Khan.

Surprised the world by transforming himself into Queen Tarun Noor Jahan but his new feat is a big surprise to people.

He transformed himself into Deepika Padukone on his Instagram and for that he chose Deepika’s Bajirao Mastani style.

There are some make-up artists in Pakistan who are not only talented on the contrary, they have a passion for Kurdish food and are jealous of their creativity.

He also wrote a very long and wide introduction in the guise of this beautiful Bollywood actress.

How confused he was to change his face to see if he could do justice to this beauty.

Shoaib Khan impressed with both Deepika’s beauty and intelligence.

He says that they are always overconfident before any make-up.

He said that in this journey of becoming a make-up artist he saw a lot of pressure from the society.

Look at the ups and downs and find them in every step of the way in the industry. Inspired by them, courage can be gained.

Pakistani Bajirao Mastani Surprised Everyone

I met many mentors during travels and i was lucky to meet them and impressed.

But there was one person who had a profound effect on my mind and my soul.

I did a lot of research to get her to look like this.

I look at many of their styles very carefully every night and still can’t muster up the courage.

But one night I saw a video of her saying a very beautiful sentence for me.

My body and soul are one that was the moment.

I felt that’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

I hope I have done justice to this intelligent and beautiful face makeover.

He said and also said that this is from me for the queen of Bollywood and I hope you’ll be happy to see it when it arrives.

Thanks for making me a better person without meeting me this is the kind of effect you have on your fans.

This amazing make-up artist Shoaib Khan has amazed people with his talent many times and this time he has proved it by becoming Bajirao Mastani.

“Come forward if we can.”


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