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Ayeza Khan Biography

Ayeza Khan Biography: Ayeza Khan is a hair-raising and in vogue Pakistani on-screen Actor and Model.

She built up herself in the top situation of Pakistan showbiz industry.

She showed up in the Pakistan showbiz industry just at age of 16.

The entertainer demonstrated her ability inside an extremely brief time-frame.

She is generally known as a main TV entertainer in Pakistan.

This decent looking on-screen character is otherwise called an in vogue woman of Pakistan.

People refer to that Ayeza Khan is the most lovely lady in Pakistan.


Ayeza Khan Early Life:

Ayeza Khan Biography: Ayeza Khan’s date of birth is January 15, 1991, she was born in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Her dad is Riza Yilmaz yet her mom’s name isn’t known.

She has a more youthful sister, Hiba Khan.

Who is a youngster entertainer and two siblings.

Wasif Khan and Arham Khan, the on-screen character is oldest among them.

Ayeza went to a local school at her childhood age.

After she complete her secondary education, ayeza.

Enrolled at Newports Institute of Communications.

And Economics, Karachi, Pakistan and completed graduation successfully.

Ayeza Khan Career:

The captivating on-screen character, Ayeza Khan initially showed up on the TV screen with a supporting.

Job in the sentimental dramatization ‘Tum Jo Miley’ in 2009.

Later she acted in TV arrangement in which her characters got a lot of prevalence.

In 2011, the dark haired sentimental entertainer showed up as Ajia in the sentimental dramatization ‘Tootey Huwey.

That was broadcasted in Geo TV, by dint of this show Ayeza Khan got fire on the top.

She built up herself as a main on-screen character in Pakistan with a few effective show arrangement including ‘Aks’, ‘Kahi Unkahi’, ‘Adhoori Aurat’, the family dramatization ‘Insignificant Meherbaan.

And terrible sentiment ‘Tum Kon Piya’, this brought wide acknowledgment for the on-screen character.

Her phenomenal exhibition in the social show ‘Pyarey Afzal.

Earned positive recognition just as the Lux Style Award in the Best Actress classification.


Ayeza Khan Personal life:

Ayeza Khan, the darker peered toward entertainer wedded Danish Taimoor in 2014 following eight years romance.

Danish Taimoor is additionally a fruitful Pakistani on-screen Actor.

She was one of the most striking ladies of 2014.

Gossipy tidbits were made that she is leaving showbiz after her marriage however she denied emphatically saying “A few people.

Are spreading bits of gossip about me yet I am simply taking a three months break and you will see me following.

Three months on the screen with another venture.

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor became father and mother on July 13, 2015, with a little girl, Hoorein Taimoor.

Her Favorite interest is painting.

This captivating and most electrifying entertainer of the here and now is otherwise called Kinza Khan.

ayeza khan life story

20 Secrets of Ayeza Khan:

Ayeza Khan Biography: Ayeza Khan is family arranged.

She wants to invest energy with her family and this is the explanation she wants to praise each and every event with her family making wonderful recollections with them.

Ayeza Khan has not many companions who resemble family and she invests energy with them too.

She Found Farah of Pyaray Afzal as a Challenging Character

As indicated by Ayeza Khan, the most testing character that she has played till date is Farah of Pyaray Afzal.

She feels the characters composed by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar are exceptionally requesting and testing simultaneously.

Additionally, the confidence Khalil ur Rehman Qamar places in her where he anticipates that her should convey her character effectively makes it exceptionally trying for Ayeza.

Ayeza Khan Can Not Cry before People

Ayeza Khan expresses that she doesn’t cry effectively.

This is additionally the motivation behind why she thinks that its difficult to do the scenes which require a ton.

of crying since she thinks that its difficult to cry before individuals.

Her Day Starts at 6AM

Ayeza Khan’s day begins with her parenthood obligations.

She awakens 6AM regular, makes breakfast and lunch for Hoorain and by 7AM drops her little girl off to class herself.

She Calls Herself Clumsy and Accident-Prone

Ayeza Khan has had a great deal of such occurrences where she has chanced upon various articles over and again on or off sets.

Ayeza Khan has harmed her knee on account of ungainliness as well.

She has likewise had a fall on railroad tracks while going for a drama and furthermore fell on the ground once she sat on a swing.

Ayeza Khan feels this is a piece of her character and she can not resist.

She Says She Has 3 Kids

As per Ayeza Khan, she has 3 infants and indeed, her better half Danish is one of them.

Ayeza Khan is the sort of lady who wants to invest energy.

With her family, she appreciates thoroughly taking care of her better half and youngsters, along these lines by saying.

That, she implied she spoils her significant other a great deal and he requests her consideration also, which is the reason.

She feels Danish is one of her infants as well.

She says, her Favorite Co-Star is Imran Abbas

Ayeza Khan has worked with a great deal of actors.

In the underlying phases of her vocation, she appreciated working with Fahad Mustafa however throughout the years.

She has worked with Imran Abbas a great deal and she feels the two of them share a common comprehension.

About their work and activities, in this manner.

She wouldn’t see any problems with working with him over and over.

Her Refrigerator is Filled With Apples

Ayeza Khan needs to ensure that there are apples in her cooler constantly.

The explanation behind that is on the grounds that apple happens to be Hoorain Taimoor’s preferred products of the soil.

Hoorain likewise requests an apple in her lunch box.

That is the reason Ayeza Khan has a bin in her ice chest which is brimming with apples.

Ayeza Khan says Pyaray Afzal Was The Turning Point of Her Career

Ayeza Khan has adored her character of Farah a ton and this is the motivation behind why she believes.

She couldn’t want anything more than to reproduce Pyaray Afzal with a similar group and work with them once more.

Pyaray Afzal as indicated by her was the defining moment of her vocation and as trying as it might have been, she cherished all of it.

She Is A Multiple-Tasker

Ayeza Khan is a multi-tasker and this is one of her characteristics with which she has intrigued her better half Danish Taimoor also.

Ayeza puts stock in completing everything on schedule and she wants to deal with the entirety of the social exercises.

That her family must be a piece of.

Ayeza feels she completes everything so quickly.

That Danish doesn’t need to stress over a thing.

Ayeza Is a Good Dancer

Ayeza Khan’s mystery ability which nobody knows about till date is that she is an excellent artist.

She herself accepts she can move well overall.

Ayeza likewise doesn’t do a lot of activity however her wellness.

System is tied in with moving due to which she consumes calories and remains fit.

Moving is an ideal type of cardio and it helps in weight reduction.

Ayeza Khan Is Good At Time Management

Since the time Ayeza has had babies, she has figured out how to deal with her time well.

Ayeza feels parenthood has encouraged her to be much progressively engaged.

Where she has sorted her needs out and has characterized lines to adjust things between her own and expert life.

She’s Skin-care Routine Is All About Organic Stuff

Ayeza Khan feels cutting sugar and oil from the eating.

Routine is of most extreme significance since it consequently causes you in having a reasonable skin.

She additionally expresses that chilly water sprinkles for the duration of the day help revive the skin.

Ayeza Khan thinks natural stuff like nectar.

And yogurt make astonishing face covers and yield stunning outcomes.

Ayeza Sees Her Instagram Fans as Her Family

Ayeza Khan has a bustling timetable and she doesn’t get an opportunity to check her telephone or Instagram.

When she awakens, however after she is finished with her morning schedule and obligations, she makes a point.

To invest significant energy for Instagram and associate with her fans since she considers them to be a piece of her family.

This is something she invests an additional energy into on the grounds that she adores associating with her well-wishers and supporters.

Ayeza Has Installed CCTV Cameras In Her Home To Monitor Her Children

Ayeza Khan is a careful mother as a result of which she has introduced CCTV cameras.

All around her and her mom’s home, for her genuine feelings of serenity. Along these lines Ayeza finds a good pace youngsters.

When she is grinding away and afterward she continues.

calling her mom just as kin when she feels her kids need some supervision.

Ayeza Started Getting Back In Shape While Shooting for Tum Kon Piya

Ayeza Khan had recently had her first kid Hoorain Taimoor when she chose to return to her work.

It was around 2 months after Hoorain was conceived when Ayeza began shooting and saw herself on camera.

that was the minute when she chose she needed to get more fit so as to look great on TV.

Since that day she has not thought back and has kept on remaining thin, fit and solid.

Ayeza Khan Got Locked Inside School’s Bathroom

Ayeza Khan got herself secured in the washroom during her school days and that frightened.

Her so much that she concluded she won’t utilize the restrooms in school until the end of time.

This dread remained with her all through her school days, to such an extent that in the event that she needed to utilize.

The washroom, she ensured she had a companion paying special mind to her by remaining outside.

Ayeza Believes In Having Fun While Working

Ayeza Khan Biography: Ayeza Khan feels it is essential to have a sound and fun association with the individuals she works with.

She figures work doesn’t feel like work when the individuals included likewise have a fabulous time and great time together.

She puts stock in gaining experiences and shaping great association with the individuals she works with on various undertakings.

This is something that individuals engaged with various activities with her acknowledge about her as well.

Ayeza Wants Her First Film To Be A Dramatic Love Story

Ayeza Khan Biography: Ayeza Khan’s concept of an ideal romantic tale is tied in with having drama.

Sentiment and a great deal of passionate scenes which leave an effect on the watchers when they leave the film lobby.

She needs her motion picture to have such scenes where the crowd cry with the characters.

Her concept of a romantic tale is very dingy.

Ayeza Broke Up With Danish Taimoor

Before Considering His Proposal Once Again

Ayeza Khan Biography: Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor’s romantic.

Tale is very dingy itself.

Ayeza and Danish dated however then separated in light of the fact.

That Ayeza felt they weren’t not kidding and Danish was not prepared for a long haul responsibility.

In any case, later when Danish moved toward her by and by, she wound up saying yes in light of the fact that at that point Ayeza’s mom.

Was persuaded that Danish was her little girl’s Mr. Right.

Presently, they are truly outstanding and ideal couples of Pakistani drama industry.

Ayeza Khan Personal Info:

NameKinza Khan
NameKinza Khan
Nick NameAyeza Khan
Father nameRiza Yilmaz
Date of BirthJanuary 15, 1991
Age29 years
SpouseDanish Tamoor
Marital StatusMarried
ResidenceKarachi, Sindh
ProfessionActress & Model
Careers InActress & Model
EducationGraduation in Communications and Economics
Famous forMehwish in Drama Serial (Mere Paas Tum Ho 2020)
DebutTum Jo Miley (Hum TV, 2009)
Ex-BoyfriendDanish Taimoor (Actor)
ChildrenDuaghter: Hoorain Taimoor | Son: Rayan Taimoor
RelativesBrother(s) Wasif Khan, Arham Khan (both younger) | Sister(s): Hiba Khan (Younger, child acrtress)
Height1.63 m
Weight55 Kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Net WorthN/A

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