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Arjit Singh Respect Pakistani Flag


Arjit Singh Repect Pakistani Flag

Arjit Singh Respect Pakistani Flag

Leading Indian singer Arjit Singh has won the hearts of Pakistanis by allowing the Pakistani flag to be flown during his concert.

Two videos taken from Arjit Singh’s concert are currently going viral on social media.

In the first video, it can be seen that some Pakistani fans of Arjit Singh are also present at the concert, one of them is waving the green crescent flag during the concert.

When stopped by the security guard for hoisting the Pakistani flag, Arjit Singh signals to stop the security and allows the Pakistani fan to hoist the flag.

Arjit Singh’s concert hall resounded with applause at that moment.

Later, Arjit Singh not only bows with folded hands in respect of the Pakistani flag but is also seen kissing the flag from afar.

In these videos that have gone viral on social media, Arjit Singh’s fans are seen expressing their love for him.

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