Are you cleaning your Mobile Phone?


cleaning mobile phone

Are you cleaning your Mobile Phone?

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDCs) have instructions that it is important to clean every level we touch multiple times a day.

These include your smartphone, computer keyboard and laptop.
Experts point out that the coronavirus can remain active and alive for three days on the surface of the plastic and stainless steel and that our touch can move our body. When we use the phone, it touches our faces.

It is important to do these things carefully, otherwise, we will use our mobile phone. Computer and other similar things. Let’s tell you what to look for when cleaning these personal items.

  • A – Do not spray directly on the mobile phone
  • 2- Do not place the mobile phone in the cleaning material (cleaning solution).
  • 3- Do not use things that are full of air. Such as a computer-based air purifier spray, etc.
  • 4- Do not rub your smartphone with rough material as this may damage the surface of the smartphone.
  • 5- One point to remember is to not let your phone get wet but be sure to clean. One more thing to keep in mind that your phone is not charging when you clean it. You can use wipes, but AT&T, an American company that provides phone services, says squeeze it before using wipes and then use it over the phone.
  • 6- Google recommends that you clean your smartphone with a cloth that has some water and soap. But the smartphone did not get wet. Because it can make it worse and it’s an expensive thing.

Samsung, a major mobile phone manufacturer, is making an offer and that is phone-sized teasing that uses ultra-violet light. Samsung’s service will be offered in some US-based Samsung centers and will be available in other countries in the coming weeks.
Cleaning up the mobile phone is one of several measures recommended by health officials engaged in efforts to prevent the spread of the virus.


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