Annoying Pakistani Actresses | Urwa Hocane | Humaima Malick


Annoying Pakistani Actresses

Annoying Pakistani Actresses: Some people get fame but they can’t handle it.

They are difficult and those who work with them also suffer from this problem.

There are many names in the industry with whom those who work with them are not happy with them, but often after working with them, they even announce that they will not work together again.

1. Urwa Hocane

urwa hussain

One of the stars of Showbiz is Urwa Hocane.

Apparently, there is no such problem with Urwa hocane and she looks very happy with her husband but in fact, there are some mental problems with Urva which she does not want to reveal and they appear.

Urwa Hocane started her career as a VJ and even then she was in the habit of adopting some kind of emotional attitude. She was often annoyed by the dissatisfaction with the make-up artist’s affairs. Everyone thought that in time these problems would get better

But those who acted in dramas and films also seemed to suffer from this complaint.

Recently, news of her and Sonia Hussain’s severe quarrel is circulating and the reason is that Urva comes and shoots her legs all the time at the touch of a touch button.

Urwa hocane is very skeptical about Farhan and she must come to the seat where Farhan is working and then people start getting tired of her.

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar had regularly mentioned his name and said that he was very upset with him on the shooting of his film and now I will always remember this.

2. Humaima Malick

Annoying Pakistani Actresses

Annoying Pakistani Actresses who have worked with Hamaima Malik has always been worried about what to say.

When Hamaima doesn’t have to work, anyone can easily make excuses and because of them, the whole shoot is canceled.

Their flair is annoying for everyone on the set and one of the main reasons they look less is their own attitude.

Most of the artists in the industry are reluctant to work with her. Named after … Mahra is one of these people

She is very thoughtful and takes her name, but her hasty response showed that she too has decided never to work after working with a supporter.


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