Aima Baig Amazing Facts | Truth


Aima Baig Amazing Facts | Truth

Aima Baig Amazing Facts | Truth

Aima Baig Amazing Facts | Truth: Aima Baig are very popular because of their beauty on the screen and their voice at a young age.

She is considered to be the best for OST songs.

In movies and dramas and Aima Baig’s Innocent Chuckle and Smartness are also much loved.

But very few people know that this Dhan Pan Si Aima Baig.

Was between seventy five to eighty kilos by the age of sixteen, seventeen and his obesity was always criticized.

Aima Baig used to look at her friends and think that I wish I could wear clothes like.

Her and I like all this but she thought that all this is impossible.

She told Nida Yasir the secret of losing weight in such a way that I had dengue fever.

No one will believe that I lost weight after this fever and never gained again.

Aima Baig does not consider this weight to be weightless at all.

She says that weight has always been difficult for her and now she is afraid of never meeting him and she will always be smart.


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