Aamir Khan Says He Is A Big Fan of Moin Akhtar



Aamir Khan says he is a Big fan of Moin Akhtar

Aamir Khan Says He Is A Big Fan of Moin Akhtar

Bollywood Movies superstar Aamir Khan has said that he is a huge fan of legendary Pakistani Comedian and Actor late The Moin Akhtar.

The Movie (Dangal) actor Amir Khan opened up about his admiration for the legendary comedian Moin Akhtar in the brief meeting.

With the Senator Mushahid Hussain on the sidelines of first Asian.

Civilisations Dialogue, hosted by the Chinese President Xi Jinping in the Beijing.


(Very Good meeting with The legendary Indian movie icon, Actor Amir Khan.

Who is also in Beijing for the first Asian Civilisations Dialogue, hosted by The President Xi Jinping.

Bollywood Actor Amir Khan’s movie (Dangal) is a Huge hit in The China, Amir Khan says (I am a huge fan of late The Moin Akhter.

He Was an amazing/talented actor’!) the senator Mushahid Hussain wrote while a tweeting a Image of meeting.

That is pertinent to note here that Aamir Khan, starring, Nitesh Tiwari-directed (Dangal) grossed $216.2 million Dollars in China.

Becoming one of the country’s top 20 Big-grossing.

Films and the highest-grossing non-English foreign film in The China.

The Legendary Pakistani Comedian and Actor Moin Akhtar.

Needs no introduction as he is considered one of the Best & greatest artists of the subcontinent.

His mimicry skills, comedy, acting, Dialogues.

And many other talents made him a household name not only in The Pakistan but in The India too as an number of Indian.

Comedians have termed him their role model.

Here is how some of his fellow actors remembered him on his death anniversary.




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