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6 Things you’re Doing wrong Every day


6 Things you’re Doing wrong Every day: Today I will tell you about Warming hands when cold, Cool Food and Refrigerate, Charging the Mobile, Peel a Banana, Rotate the Spoon in The Teacup.

If someone tells you that you have been mixing sugar in tea in the Pakistan News way all your life, you will surely be shocked and you will immediately refuse to think wrong in the first place.

But when you are persuaded by the argument, you will surely realize that many of the things we do in our day-to-day life are wrong because of our habits and we consider it right. Today we will tell you about some of these things.

6 Things you’re Doing wrong Every day

Warming Hands when Cold

Whenever we feel cold, our hands start getting cold and people start warming their hands to warm themselves when it is the wrong way.

Because, according to experts, 45% of the human body’s heat is released through the scalp, so if you are feeling cold, if you warm your head instead of your hands, your body will heat up faster.

Cool Food and Refrigerate

Most people seem to be adamant that hot items should not be kept in the refrigerator but should be cooled first and then refrigerated, while experts say that after the food is cooked, it should be kept in the refrigerator. Prolonged exposure can lead to bacterial overgrowth.

Therefore, instead of refrigerating them, they should be refrigerated in a semi-warm state so that they can be protected from germs.

Get Up In The Morning and Drink Tea or Coffee

Everyone has a habit of getting up in the morning and drinking tea or coffee, but according to the research of experts, the use of tea or coffee in the morning increases the amount of hormone called lartisol in the body, which makes you feel refreshed temporarily. Is-

But this amount of Cortisol causes stress, so it is better to use tea or coffee after breakfast.

Peel a Banana

The banana is usually peeled from the bottom instead of the stem, but it is better to peel from the stem to peel it properly as it does not break the banana while eating.

Rotate the Spoon in The Teacup

Since childhood, we have all been moving the spoon in a circle to dissolve the sugar in the tea, but according to experts, this method of stirring the spoon in the tea is wrong.

In this way, the sugar crystals dissolve slowly and the tea cools down quickly. Instead, the method is more effective if the spoon is rotated back and forth.

Charging the Mobile

Everyone wants to charge the mobile quickly but the wrong way of charging slows down the charging.

For this, if the mobile is charged in airplane mode, then the mobile is charged immediately.

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