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Meera Khan’s passport confiscated in Dubai

Authorities in The Dubai confiscated Pakistani actress Meera Khan’s passport. Meera Khan’s manager Hassan told to Pakistani Media, the passport was confiscated because it had expired. Hassan...

پاکستانی فنکاروں پرپابندی سے بھارت نے اپنابھیانک چہرہ دنیاکودکھادیاہے ،دیامرزا

بالی ووڈ خوبصورت اداکارہ دیا مرزا بھارتی حکومت کی جانب سے پاکستانی فنکاروں پرپابندی کے خلاف منظر عام پر آگئیں اور بھارتی حکومت کو...

معروف پاکستانی موسیقار نیاز احمد انتقال کر گئے

 معروف پاکستانی موسیقار نیاز احمد طویل علالت کے باعث انتقال کر گئے موسیقار نیاز احمد نے نصرت فتح علی خان کی منفرد آواز کے...

Armeena Khan speaks out against those who restrict female doctors from working

Canadian-Pakistani Actress Armeena Khan says that those who bar women from working as the doctors should...

Indian Actress Rakhi Sawant Poses With Pakistan Flag | Showbiz News

Rakhi Sawant's photos of posing with Pakistani national flag by the side of a water stream went gone viral and invited backlash from Indians.

The Big Changing in Ali Zafar & Meesha Shafi’s Case | Entertainment News | Showbiz

The case has now been transferred to Additional Session Judge Amjad Ali Shah.

Game of Thrones Star Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas tie the knot in suprise Vegas wedding

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas tied the knot in an surprise Vegas wedding, Ei Newsr eported.

Pakistani Beautiful Actress Saboor Aly Rubbishes Suicide Rumors

Pakistani beautiful actress Saboor Aly on this Monday has denied the rumors about her committing suicide.The actress Saboor Aly took to social networking site and posted that she had been hospitalized but it was due to a bad case of food poisoning.

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