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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Warns World Against Ignoring Potential Kashmir Massacre

The silence of the international World community on the possible threat of genocide against Kashmiri Muslim Peoples will lead to serious consequences, including a...

Meera Khan’s passport confiscated in Dubai

Authorities in The Dubai confiscated Pakistani actress Meera Khan’s passport. Meera Khan’s manager Hassan told to Pakistani Media, the passport was confiscated because it had expired. Hassan...

5 Amazing People With Tallest Body Parts | Guinness World Records

5 Amazing People With Tallest Body Parts | Guinness World Records 1. Nick Stoeberl 24 year old Nick Stoeberl from California, United States of America has...

Top 5 Most Beautiful Anchors in India 2019 | Hottest News Anchors of India 2019

5. Sweta Singh Sweta Singh is an Indian journalist and news Anchor. She is a news Presenter and Executive Editor of Special Programming On Aaj Tak....

Ayesha Naz Biography | Anchor | Age | Height | Education | Husband | Boyfriend | Family | Income

In this post we will tell you all about Pakistan's Most Beautiful News Caster and TV Show Host Syeda Ayesha Naz

Malala Yousafzai Reality Exposed | ملالہ یوسفزئی کی اصلیت دنیا کے سامنے

آج کی اس پوسٹ میں آپکو ملالہ یوسفزئی کا مکروہ چہرہ دکھایا جائیگا کہ جس پاکستان اور اسلام نے اسے بچایا اور اس پر...

دنیا کی پہلی ھائی جیکر خاتون لیلیٰ خالد کی کہانی جب گرفتار ہوئی تو کیا ہوا؟

پہلی بار اردو زبان میں دنیا کی پہلی ھائی جیکر خاتون لیلیٰ خالد کی کہانی دنیا بھر میں بہت سارے واقعات آپنے سنے ہونگے اور...

What Happened With Air Hostess in Private Jet | Airlines | Urdu | Shan Ali TV

What Happens during a trip to a Private Plane and How People travel or even rich people who travel in the private jet, now...

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Zainab Shabir Biography

zainab shabir, zainab shabir biography, zainab shabir lifestyle, zainab, shabir, pakistani actress zainab shabir.

Mona Alam Biography – Pakistani Anchor – Shan Ali TV

Mona Alam is a Pakistani Most Beautiful, famous and talented Newcaster, journalist and News Anchor.

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