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5 Most Famous Bollywood Actors who was not Born in India | Bollywood News

1. Deepika Padukone Bollywood Queen Deepika Padukone, who is at the top of her game in The Bollywood, wasn’t born in India. Deepika Padukone, who...

Farah Khan: Won’t Glorify Smoking In My Films | Bollywood News

Film-maker and Director Farah Khan says she will not glorify smoking via her movies. Farah Khan was interacting with the media on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day...

I Am Open To All Kinds Of Characters: Zareen Khan | Bollywood News

Bollywood Actress Zareen Khan, who will soon be seen in the independent movie (Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele), Zareen says she is open...

بالی ووڈ گلوکارہ ایک پاکستانی کودل دے بیٹھی

بالی ووڈ کی مشہور گلوکارہ نندنی دیب جاپان میں رہائش پذیر معروف پاکستانی کاروباری شخصیت کی محبت میں گرفتار ہوکر جاپان پہنچ گئیں۔

Indian Actress Rakhi Sawant Poses With Pakistan Flag | Showbiz News

Rakhi Sawant's photos of posing with Pakistani national flag by the side of a water stream went gone viral and invited backlash from Indians.

Tanushree Dutta condemns Ajay Devgan for working with Alok Nath: calls him (morally bankrupt)

Bollywood Actress Tanushree Dutta, who is credited for spearheading the ‘Me Too’ movement in World, has now vehemently hit out at Bollywood Famous actor Ajay...

بالی ووڈ کے ستارے کیوں کینسر کا شکار ہوتے جا رہے ہیں، ایسی شرمناک وجہ سامنے آگئی کہ آپ حیران ہوجائینگے

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