Ali Zafar Breaks Into Tears Over Sexual Harassment Allegations


Ali Zafar Speaking in a TV show, Singer Ali Zafar broke down into tears and asked Meesha Shafi to end the fiasco.

Shan Ali TV News – 29th April, 2019) Singer & actor Ali Zafara ppeared in a television show last night to speaks about the sexual harassment allegations leveled against him fellow singer Meesha Shafi.

Ali Zafar Speaking in a TV show, Singer Ali Zafar broke down into tears and asked Meesha Shafi to end the fiasco.
Ali zafar Crying on the Geo News Live Show

Speaking in the show, Singer and Actor Ali Zafar broke down into tears and asked Meesha Shafi to end the fiasco.

I have stayed silent over that issue for one year but whenever a allegation like this is placed on any man or woman, it completely destroys them, Ali Zafar said.

When asked why Singer Meesha Shafi would level baseless accusations against Ali Zafar just for the fame, Ali Zafar said Meesha Shafi can tell this better.

I don’t know why Meesha is doing this, you should ask her. Meesha should come to the court and reveal what her intention was, Ali Zafar said.

Ali Zafar went on to say, “Meesha had been performing with me on the stage, if Meesha was harassed, why did Meesha message me after that saying ‘Had a great time jamming and performing. Grateful for the kind word Ali Zafar has to say on stage.’ Would an woman who has just gotten harassed say that to her harasser?

Actor and Singer Ali Zafar also condemned the social media campaign against him and also called out Meesha Shafi’s lawyer Nighat Dad’s language.

He asked Meesha to resolve the matter, saying, “If you put 1 foot forward I will come 10 steps forward.”

He also said that if he wins that case, he will dedicate the defamation money to issues face by women.

Earlier, Singer and Actor Ali Zafar had shared the copy of court’s order that successfully rejected Meesha Shafi’s appeal.

The order read, (The agreement (between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar) including it’s exclusion clause 6.11, were agreed to and signed by the parties with free will, knowledge and consent, and it must be interpreted as discernibl. The case law relied upon by the Representationist on the nature of employment concerns with the law relating to industrial relations and the employee old age benefits, as such, the cited judgments and orders of superior courts are clearly distinguishable and not attracted to facts of present case.

(That should be kept in view that proceedings under the Act are quasi criminal in the nature and standard of interpretation of an penal statute is different from it of a civil law. Consequently, the Ombudsperson has rightly declined to the entertain the complaint filed before her by the Representationist,) order further read.

Ali Zafar sharing the court order on the Twitter, Actor and Singer Ali Zafar wrote, (Here’s the copy of Meesha Shafi’s case dismissal exonerating me in the eyes of the law.)

Singer & Actor Ali Zafar further vowed to prove in the eyes of the people, with evidence, how Meesha lied. (I will also expose the most heinous social media campaign against me it you may ever seen. #FaceTheCourtMeeshaShafi) Ali Zafar wrote.

Singer Meesha Shafi had alleged her colleague Singer and ActorAli Zafar of sexual harassment in her tweet in the June, 2018, the case is currently under the proceeding in the court.


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